• ER-40 Collet Adapter Kit


    This adapter permits use of ER-40 series collets on on lathes up to 1-3/4" threaded spindles.  The ER series collet is a parallel closing design available from most industrial suppliers. Front closing collets permit full utilization of through hole in spindle.  (Kit shown is ER-32.  ER 40 is similar)

    The kit comes with material, drawings and instructions.  Included is enough material to produce a duplicate of your spindle nose to serve as a thread gauge.  Machining includes internal and external threading and accurate angle setting for machining from the compound slide.  The kit also provides both material and drawings for machining a complete, though not standard ER nut.  If you prefer to do a little less machining, dimensions are also included for the ER specification so that a standard nut may be purchased from any of the major industrial suppliers.