• Quick Change Ball Turning Tool Drawings Only

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    Drawing Set only for QCTP ball turning tool.  Tool is dimensioned for AXA size toolposts but can also be machined for the larger BXA.

    The quick change mounting and adjustment stops for height and centering means fast setup for turning spherical sections.  This is a variation on the Radford tool in which the movement of the cutter is over the top and the cutting action is tangential.  The cutter is a readily available 3/8" shank boring tool.  While intended primarily for convex spherical contours such as the ball handles shown, I have also tested it cutting concave faces and shallow concave radii on shanks.

    There is also a full kit with materials, drawings, screws, bearings, etc.  If you've purchased the drawings and then order the full kit you can claim credit for the drawings you already have.