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Tallgrass Tools

NEW!!  All items are now available as kits or machined and assembled. 

Tallgrass Tools sells tools and kits for useful tools and accessories for home shop machinists, model builders and hobbyists. 

Here you will find a variety of useful tools and accessories to make
machining operations faster and easier.  Faster location?  Easier
reading dials or collet setups for older lathes?  They're all here!

If you like making your own tools, enjoy opportunities to hone your skills,
want the bragging rights, or perhaps have more time than money, you'll
want to look over kits for these useful items for your shop. 

Click on the image below or the button above for the kits page .


starrett photo 1sm.jpg

On the other hand ...


  ...  if you want to get right to work, all these tools are also available ready to use or install.   In addition, Tallgrass Tools offers custom machine work for an array of variations from basic tools or components.  The ER-32 Collet Adapter can be supplied for other threaded spindles, both English and metric threads.  The dial sets for crossfeed or compound slides can be adapted to other machines such as Atlas shapers, or could convert your existing crosslide to direct reading dials if that is your preference.

starrett photo 1 002sm.jpg

All of our kits include all necessary materials including mild steel, free machining steel, oil-hardening tool steel, bearings, springs, and fasteners as necessary.  Drawing sets show dimensions and tolerances as appropriate, and instruction sheets will call attention to critical operations, unusual approaches or helpful machining sequences.

Call Tallgrass Tools
at (405) 624-0778 today!

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